Family Portraits

Like any parent, you've been capturing your kids’ biggest moments since the day they were born. A professional family portrait session will help you not only capture your beautiful family but bring their special personalities, unique attributes and fun, playful personas to life. One of our specialties is capturing multi-generational families on those rare occasions when everyone in the family is together in one place. We accommodate special requests, photographing on or near a holiday, or whatever is required to capture those moments. And what better backdrop than Cape Cod as the perfect setting?


There are many ingredients that go into the recipe for the optimal family portrait session. These include, but are not limited to: location, timing, clothing, and weather. Understanding these factors help you best prepare for your family portrait session. The most important ingredient is to find the right photographer – and that’s VIEW Photography!!


Many of our families know exactly where they want their portrait sessions to take place. It could be at the beach where their kids and grandkids spend their summers, or at their beautiful family home. Other families ask for our advice on the best location; we may recommend someplace that is convenient to where they live or best complements their personalities and pastimes. The setting should reflect the personality of the family. The location, coupled with time of day, will make your portrait session a memorable experience. 


If sunset (or sunrise) is an important component of the portrait results, we will time the session accordingly. We accommodate our clients’ requests but also ensure that lighting and weather variables are taken into account. It is best to avoid bright sunshine and mid-day lighting, but will find shaded areas and fill in the lighting to the best of our ability.


Be yourself and start with your own personal style. Think about the clothing styles you have and in what you are comfortable. Wearing clothes that look good on you and are comfortable will ensure meaningful photographs that are true reflections of who you are as individuals.

In terms of color, a good rule of thumb is to pick two colors that would go well with the location. Typically, pastels (think peach, mint, or lavender) go well with natural scenes. Primary colors such as blue, red, and yellow match modern locations like the city. In terms of solids & prints, eyes are naturally drawn to patterns, so dressing your kids in prints may help them stand out. Playful prints such as stripes and polka dots look great on kids; just make sure that there aren't so many conflicting prints that it becomes too busy. The adults are best when dressed in complementary solids. Be careful about small, close stripes - they can have a strange effect in photos. Depending on the season, consider layering your outfits with accessories; accessories add variety to your shots and can also double as fun props! Cape Cod weather can be unpredictable, so we recommend bringing a light sweater to throw on in between shots. 


One of the most common questions we hear when planning for a family portrait session is, “what happens if it rains?” We plan ahead and, in the case of a family being here for a specific time period, will schedule a rain date ahead of time. We have learned that since New England weather is consistently unpredictable, we are extremely flexible when it comes to changing our session date & time when needed. Cloudy skies tend to make for a dramatic backdrop, so don’t think that you necessarily need the perfect bluest of skies. We make sure that we prepare for windy beaches, buggy conditions, or the unexpected.

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