ABOUT VIEW Photography

In a world full of smart phones and digital cameras, why should you go with a pro? Oh, for so many reasons. A smart camera does not make a smart photographer. Just because your friend, co-worker, or relative may have a high speed, high quality camera does not mean they are a great photographer. While good "over the counter" equipment may help the average consumer with their "photography," the artists that make up VIEW Photography offer more than just technical photographic skills. We bring artistic vision, a distinctive approach and a creative eye that can't be bought at the big-box electronics stores. We help create new loving memories that are captured in a perfectly beautiful way. 

Shooting with state-of-the-art Nikon and professional lighting equipment helps us capture the very best shots even in less than perfect lighting or circumstances. Low light, nighttime and even high speed action shots can be tricky for the amateur shutterbug, but we are versed in capturing your special moments under any circumstances! The composition of our work is unparalleled and we are proudest of our client relationships.

The end result? VIEW Photography offers a unique eye, along with editing and retouching services; we can also design beautiful finished products like photo albums, custom prints, canvases and more. Your best moments deserve just that -- the best! Go with VIEW Photography.

95 Palmer Avenue | Historic Queens Buyway, Falmouth, MA  02540 | info@vagabondview.com | Tel: 508-540-VIEW 

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